1990s, 2000s & 2010s 
Flyer, National Theatre Platforms with
host Emma Freud, Cottesloe Room, 
National Thatre, London 15.1.1990

Taming Of The Shrew (play) A poster, flyers and
pages of the programme, Arts Theatre, Cambridge 
(July 1990), Playhouse, Newcastle (July/August 1990) 
and Theatre Royal, York, (August/September 1990)   

Therese Raquin (play) flyers, Playhouse, Nottingham 1990

Flyer, Mozart (play), Lyceum, Sheffield, 12-21.9.1991

Flyer and programme, Mozart (play) 
Theatre Royal, Bath 23-28.9.1991
Flyer, The Choice (play), Playhouse, 
Salisbury 11-28.3.1992

Official Kiss Of Reality demo sold at 1992 Gigs

Playbill, Carrington, Minerva Theatre, Chichester 1993

Set list handwritten by Toyah,  
Take The Leap! Tour 1993

Anchoress (film) poster 1993
Take The Leap! Tour advert 1993

Leap! cassette sold at 1993 gigs,
Take The Leap! Tour

Rare Take The Leap! poster 1993
Set list, Take the Leap! Tour, King Tut's 
Glasgow 31.10.1993
Gig poster, The Mill, Preston 1.11.1993
Signed set list, Oval, Norwich 3.11.1993

Backstage pass, Take The Leap! Tour 
Marquee, London  9.11.1993 

Flyer, Take The Leap! Tour 
Marquee, London 9.11.1993

Backstage pass, Take The Leap! Tour
Astoria, London 4.12.1993

Theatre programme and a flyer
for Peter Pan, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, 
 Chichester 17.12.1993 - 15.1.1994
Peter Pan flyer and programme 1994 - 1995
Festival Theatre, Chichester 
Advert, Leap 2 Dream Tour 1994

Poster, "An Evening With Toyah" at Waterstones,
 Deansgate, Manchester 10.6.1994 

 Signed gig flyer, Victoria Theatre, Halifax 4.5.1994

Gig poster, Rothes Hall, Glenrothes 31.7.1994

Gig poster, The Duchess, Leeds 15.11.1994

 Cover for the un-offcial Eternity Madhatter release 1994

A Midsummer Night's Dream (play)

flyer and programmes Open Air Theatre, 
Regent's Park, London, June 1995
Gig advert, NME 23.3.1996 

Set list & ticket, The Grand, Clapham Junction 21.1.1997

Poster for Jack And The Beanstalk (panto), 
Churchill Theatre, Bromley 11.12.1997 - 18.1.1998

Tour poster, Live Bed Show (play) 

Flyer for Jack And The Beanstalk (panto)
Richmond Theatre, London 18.12.1998 - 30.1.1999
Flyer for Peter Pan (panto), The Marlowe Theatre,
Canterbury 10.12.1999 - 16.1.2000
Advert for the film Julie and 
The Cadillacs 1999
Flyer for Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (panto),
Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage 1.12.2000- 28.1.2001 

Flyer and leaflets for Shagaround (play) 
Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon and Soho 
Theatre, London April/August 2001
Toyah's costume in Shagaround, originally donated 
to a charity auction for the Primrose Hospice   

Poster and a flyer for Aladdin (panto)
Plaza, Stockport 12.12.2001 - 6.1.2002  

Alpro advert, May 2002

A poster, flyers and programmes for
Calamity Jane (musical) 2002 - 2003 

Toyah's costumes in Calamity Jane 2002/3

A signed flyer for Aladdin panto, Basingstoke
December 2002 / January 2003


London Theatre Guide 16.6.2003, signed by Toyah 
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (panto)
4.12.2003 - 25.1.2004, Marlowe Theatre, 
Canterbury, flyers signed by Toyah 
Best Of The 80s Tour flyer
October 2004

Sleeping Beauty (panto) programme 
and a flyer (both signed by Toyah) 
9.12.2004 - 30.1.2005
Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury 

Toyah's painting for The Galapagos Conservation 
Trust Celebrity Auction 5.4.2005 
Flyer, "An Audience With", Lochgelly, Fife 25.9.2005
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (panto)
Milton Keynes Theatre 9.12.2005 - 22.1.2006 
Flyers, "An Audience With", Windmill, Fowey 11.5.2006

The Hitmakers Tour poster 2006 

The Hundred And One Dalmatians (play), a poster and a flyer, 
Theatre Royal, Nottingham 25 – 29.7.2006 
Magazine advert for Take The Leap! Plus
Released 25.9.2006

 Aladdin (panto) poster Theatre Royal, Brighton
14.12.2006 - 14.1.2007 
Jack And The Beanstalk (panto) poster 
The Hexagon, Reading 8.12.2007 - 8.1.2008 



 Toyah's costumes and other bits on display at the Quadrophenia 
Convention, Holiday Inn, Brighton 5 - 6.4.2008 
Brass statue of Toyah as "Monkey"
at Quadrophenia Convention, 
Holiday Inn, Brighton 5 - 6.4.2008
Vampires Rock (musical) A poster, flyers, a DVD 
and a signed booklet (2008 - 2009) 
"Do You Remember The 80s?"
book advert 2008
Wig used in the video for Latex Messiah (single) 2008  

Rare In The Court Of The Crimson Queen (album) posters 2008
Toyah painting By Melissa Mailer-Yates 2008
Blackpool Pride poster 9.6.2008   


Advert for The Humans, Tartufest Estonia 1.5.2009 
Vampires Rock Tour Flyer, Autumn Winter 2009/10

Poster for Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (panto), 
Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield 11.12.2009 - 10.1.2010

A signed playbill Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs 
(panto), Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield 10.1.2010 
Flyer for Sleeping Beauty (panto), Malvern Theatre
16.12.2010 - 9.1.2011  




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