1970s & 1980s
1970 - 1977

Lyrics written by Toyah in 1970, never recorded. 
Published in the 1984 Smash Hits Yearbook

Advert for "Glitter" November 1976


Jubilee (film) posters 1978

Press adverts for Jubilee 1978 
Jubilee in Films And Filming Magazine 
March 1978
Advert for Jubilee in Time Out, March 1978
A flyer for Jubilee
Part of a German press kit, 1978
Poster for The Winchester Project
Free Rock Festival 3.9.1978

Jubileer VHS tape cover, 1978
Talent agency Z-page 1978


Issue 16, Ripped and Torn Fanzine
 January 1979 

Jubilee German "film card" 1979

Jubilee promotional photo 1979
Italian promotional photos for Jubilee 1979
The "Open T-shirt" Vivienne Westwood wrote to 
Derek Jarman in disgust after seeing Jubilee 1979
Gig flyer, Crocs, Rayleigh 28.3.1979
 Poster for The Resurrection Tour 1979 

Gig advert, Croc's, Rayleigh 28.3.1979
Allied Propaganda Fanzine, Issue 3, 1979

Grinding Holt Fanzine, Issue 3, 1979

Flyer for The Fan Club, Leeds
(Toyah spelt as Toya) gig 12.4.1979
Gig advert, Music Machine, London 21.4.1979   
Guttersnipe Fanzine, Issue 7, 1979

Adverts for Sheep Farming In Barnet (AP)
Released 3.8.1979

Gig advert, Lyceum, London 5.8.1979

Gig advert, Marquee, London 12.8.1979

Gig flyer, The Lyceum, London 2.9.1979
Gig advert, Music Machine, London 17.8.1979
Adavance dates flyer for members of Eric's, 
Liverpool. Toyah's gig was 23.8.1979

Sheep Farming In Barnet (album)
German press kit 1979
Sheep Farming In Barnet EP 1979 signed
by the Toyah band: Toyah, Joel Bogen,
Pete Bush, Charlie Francis, Steve Bray

The Tempest (film) posters 1979 
The Tempest VHS covers 1980, 1998, 2000

Quadrophenia (film) posters 1979
Quadrophenia German press kit 1979
Quadrophenia press clipping (1979?)


Newspaper advert for Quadrophenia at Regal Cinema
Daventry, Northamptonshire 1979
A Spanish newspaper advert for Quadrophenia 1979
German VHS tape of Quadrophenia, 1979

Neon Womb (single) test pressing 1979
Advert, Music Machine, London 
Toyah's gig 12.10.1979
Flyer, Marquee Club, London
Toyah's gig 21.10.1979
Advert, Marquee Club, London
Toyah's gig 21.10.1979
Panache Fanzine, Issue 11, 1979 
Panache Fanzine, Issue 12, 1979 
Invite to the Safari Xmas Party 29.11.1979

Flyer for the Safari Xmas Party 29.11.1979

Gig review of the Safari Xmas Party 29.11.1979
in NN4 9PZX Fanzine 1980 
Advert in Sounds 15.12.1979
Toyah article in Sounds 15.12.1979
Toyah band signatures, late 1979. This was published 
in the German music magazine Bravo 20.4.1981

Rare posters 1979 and 1980 

German magazine cover January 1980
 Toyah in Issue 1 It's The Crappo 
Locol Fanzine 1980

0533 Issue 1. Leicester/Midlands 
alternative rock fanzine 1980

Sheep Farming In Barnet review 1980

Back Issue Fanzine, Issue 2, 1980
Killing Time Fanzine N:o 4, 1980

Rising Free Fanzine, Issue 1, 1980
Bird In Flight (single) promo flyer, 1980
 Advert for Bird In Flight (single) released 
1.2.1980 and Sheep Farming In Barnet 
(album), released 22.2.1980 
Inside Out Punk Fanzine, Issue 8
Feb/March 1980

Flyer, Manchester Poly 11.3.1980
Bird In Flight Tour

Bird In Flight 7" German promo

Article about The Bird In Flight Tour, 1980

 Bird In Flight Tour adverts 1980

Gig poster, 400 Club, Torquay 5.2.1980
Advert, Music Week 23.3.1980

Gig poster, Top Rank, Birmingham 9.3.1980

Gig poster, Electric Ballroom, Camden 14.3.1980
Spuno Punk Fanzine Issue 1, April 1980

Toyah's boots in the Intergalactic Ranch House Fan
Club poster, April 1980 and other bits

Advert for The Blue Meaning, Melody Maker 1980 

Tour adverts, IEYA Tour May/June 1980 and
The Blue Meaning (album), released 6.6.1980
 Grinding Halt Punk Fanzine 1980
The Blue Meaning Japanese advert 1980

Gig flyers & poster Tiffany's, Glasgow 25.5.1980
Toyah in Shout! Magazine N:0 1, an interview 
conducted at Guildford Civic Hall 29.5.1980

Toyah in German magazine Musical Times, June 1980
Gig poster, Kingswest, Brighton
Flyer, Russel Club, Manchester
Gig poster, Demelzas, Penzance
Gig poster, Civic Hall, Dunstable  

Gig flyer, Lyceum, London 15.6.1980

Information flyer for in-store PA/signing at 
Virgin Megastore, London 16.6.1980
A 3 page article in German music 
magazine Musikexpress, 1980

Review of Sheep Farming In Barnet in
German music magazine Sounds, 1980

Advert for Sheep Farming In Barnet in
German music magazine Sounds , 1980 
The mastertape of Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!
recorded at the Lafayette Club, 
Wolverhampton 17.6.1980

Invite to a party (and filming for the 
ATV Documentary) at Toyah's home 
Mayhem, Battersea 18.7.1980
Toyah in Lenz Fanzine (Wakefield)
August 1980
Adverts for Danced (single), released 28.11.1980 
and ATV Documentary (air date 18.12.1980)

Toyah The Band Signatures 1980: Joel Bogen (Guitar), 
Steve Bray (Drums), Pete Bush (Keyboards), 
Charlie Francis (Bass) and Toyah

Extremely rare EMI Electrola promotional mirror for Toyah’s 
1980 Album The Blue Meaning. This mirror was produced 
in very limited quantities and given out to handful of West
 German record company Reps as a promotional gimmick 
Art for the "Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!" 
live album by Dexter Brown 1980
Rare promotional poster 35" x 19" for
Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! 1980

"She" lyrics hand written by Toyah

Smirnoff advert 1980

Sugar and Spice (play), a signed programme
theatre poster and an advert in NME 25.10.1980

The Blue Meaning (album) French release
with IEYA cover 1980

The Blue Meaning (1980) album signed by Toyah Band: 
Joel Bogen (Guitar), Steve Bray (Drums), Pete Bush 
(Keyboards), Charlie Francis (Bass) and Toyah

IEYA tour poster 1980 (left) and gig poster 24.6.1980, Kant Kino, Berlin

Flexipop magazine centrefold poster 1980

Flexipop Magazine poll, Toyah is N:o 5 
"Best Newcomer" and N:o 1 "Best
 Female Singer" 1980
Toyah in Rock Star News 1980

A Life In The Day Of Toyah
The Sunday Times Magazine 2.11.1980
(This is from the first ever Sunday supplement I 
bought while I was in the UK on holiday. 
This is my original scan. Considering how old
the magazine is it's in great condition)
Safari promo postcard 1980
Polaroid taken by a fan in Berlin, signed by 
Toyah at the same time, unknown date 1980

The Four From Toyah EP mastertapes 20.12.1980


SuperPop Poster Magazine 1981

Advert for the College Tour 1981

 Gig flyer, Civic Hall, Guildford 15.1.1981

A promo flyer, signed at
Durham University 26.1.1981

Gig poster, University, Bradford 28.1.1981

Gig advert, Rock City
Nottingham 30.1.1981
Gig poster, Dunstable 1.2.1981

Advert / poster for Four From Toyah (EP),
released 14.2.1981

Four From Toyah 1981
Unknown print, possibly jukebox

Gig advert, Rainbow, London 21.2.1981
(Released as Live At The Rainbow, see below)
The Live At The Rainbow mastertapes 21.2.1981
Final Straw Fanzine, Issue 2, 1981

Concept art for Anthem (album) 1981

An advert for official merch 1981

Scarf 1981
Rare Toyah mirrors

Enamel pins 1981
Publicity photo signed by Toyah, Phil and Joel 1981

Recording session of Anthem, Marquee 
Studios, London 2.4.1981 
Test pressing of I Want To Be Free (single) 1981
A bangle given to a member of the audience 
at Victoria Hall, Hanley 19.5.1981

Adverts for Anthem (album), released 22.5.1981 

Advert for Anthem (Album), released 22.5.1981 

 Advert for Anthem (album) in the 
Finnish magazine Soundi 1981
A German advert for Anthem 1981
A rare Japanese advert for Anthem

Anthem poster 1981

Anthem (picture disc album) miss-presses 1981 

An official Safari album insert given with Anthem 1981

  Adverts for the Anthem Tour 1981
Anthem Tour Backstage Pass, 1981

Gig poster, Anthem Tour, Brighton 25.5.1981
Gig poster, Anthem Tour, Cardiff 27.5.1981
Tour badge 1981
Anthem review, NME 1981

Toyah in Italian Dolly magazine, Issue 149, 1981
Clipping from a Japanese magazine, 1981
At The Rainbow video advert 1981

At The Rainbow laser disc advert
(BBCV3012L) 1981
Jubilee on rare V2000 format video 1981

Cover, Betamax video of Jubilee 1981
Recording session of Anthem, Marquee Studios, 
London 27.5.1981 (These two songs Sphinx and 
For You were released exclusively on a green 
flexi-disc with Flexipop Magazine (see below))

Toyah in Patches magazine, 30.5.1981

FlexiPop Magazine June 1981, released in green and 
yellow Flexi-discs with 2 tracks Sphinx & For You

 Super rare Press Relase of Sphinx / For You Flexi-disc 1981 
Gig flyer, Hammersmith Odeon, London 5.6.1981
Gig advert, Hammersmith Odeon
London 6.6.1981

BBC Transcription Record Toyah In Concert 253 
 with an artist profile sheet given to the 
UK Press (for the recording below) 1981

Toyah In Concert 253 
Article in a German magazine, 
signed by Toyah in Berlin (1981)

Concept drawings by artist Dexter Brown (who 
painted the cover art of the 1980 'Toyah! 
Toyah! Toyah!' Live album) and a on-set 
photograph, Thunder In The Mountains 
video directed by Godley & Creme 1981
Advert in Rip it Up, New Zealand
Issue 48, 1.7.1981  

Toyah in Ciao 2001 Magazine, Italy
August 1981

Official Safari in-house gold LP of Anthem
award presented to CMCS Print & Colour Ltd 
[the company who printed the sleeve], 
issued to commemorate UK sales in
 excess of 100,000 copies 1981

Advert for Anthem in Soundi (Finland), October 1981

A super rare poster donated by 
Safari Records for National Youth 
Club Week October 1981

Thunder In The Mountains (single), released 21.10.1981
Super rare promotional poster for
Thunder In The Mountains 1981

Review of Urgh! A Music War (film)
in NME 24.10.1981
Track indenfication log for "Roxy One" 
which became The Furious Futures, 
Marquee Studios, London 27.10.1981
Australian issue movie release 
poster for Urgh! A Music War 1981

Advert in Soundi (Finland), November 1981

Toyah in Jackie Magazine 14.11.1981

Adverts for Four More From Toyah (EP)
Released 16.11.1981

Gig advert, Friars, Aylesbury 23.11.1981
Gig posters, Friars, Aylesbury 23.11.1981 

Backstage pass, European Tour
 November / December 1981

German magazine cover, December 1981

Gig poster, Markthalle, Hamburg 7.12.1981

Gig advert & posters, Theatre Le Palace
Paris 12.12.1981

A poster given with Pop Pix Magazine 1981

News Of The World poster 1981

Toyah paper doll 1981

Sony Tape Rock'n'Roll 
Playing Card 1981

Tour itinerary Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway

 Four More From Toyah (EP) test pressing 1981

35mm London Features International Toyah slide. Photo 
by Tom Sheehan - Melody Maker cover session 1981

Poll, Record Mirror, December 1981
Toyah won "Best Female Singer", "Best Make-up"
and "Best Album Cover" (Anthem)
Gig guide, NME, 19.12.1981
A fan made cartoon signed by 
Toyah (unknown date - 1981?)
Super rare T-Shirt design sample 1981

The Toyah Thtory
Flexipop Magazine #13 
December 1981
Super rare poster, Drury Lane, December 23/24 1981

The Toyah Thtory (Part Two)
  Flexipop Magazine #14 
January 1982

Gig review, Sounds 9.1.1982

Scarves 1982
Toyah in Top Of The Pops Magazine 6.2.1982
Danish magazine, February 1982

Advert for The Changeling, Soundi (Finland)
March 1982

Advert for Tales Of The Unexpected
"Blue Marigold" (air date 25.4.1982)

 Blue Marigold perfume (from  
Tales Of The Unexpected  
(air date 25.4.1982)  

Behind the scene shots from the Brave New
World (single) video shoot at Battersea  
Power Station in London April 1982
 Advert for Jubilee on video 1982

Advert for Brave New World (single) 
Released 10.5.1982

Test pressing of The Changeling (album) 1982

Posters for Urgh! A Music War (film)
Released in May 1982 (filmed in 1980)

An official Safari album insert
given with The Changeling 1982

An official Safari album insert 
given with Warrior Rock 1982

The background of The Changeling cover 
which was also used in a Frankie Goes 
To Hollywood photo shoot in March 1984
An advert for Warrior Rock in a 
Japanese magazine, May 1982
Collector card, German magazine 1982
Clippings from a Norvegian magazine
Hjerte Revyen, 1982

Toyah in Master Bag, Issue 10, May 1982
A rare trade publication issued exclusively 
to UK Independent Record Stores

Advert for The Changeling (album), June 1982

Adverts for The Changeling Tour, Summer 1982

The Changeling tour badge 1982

 A competition in Smash Hits 10.6.1982
to win a signed copy of The Changeling
The delivery note for The Changeling 
albums imported to Tampere, Finland
The Changeling review, Record Mirror, 12.6.1982

The Changeling review, Melody Maker, June 1982
Toyah in TV Tops Magazine 19.6.1982

Advert for 2 gigs, The Changeling Summer Tour
Hammersmith Odeon, London 25-26.6.1982
Toyah in Blue Jeans Magazine 26.6.1982

A record studio invoice 4-5.7.1982 
(for recording the single Be Proud, Be 
Loud (Be Heard), released 26.8.1982) 

A super rare poster for the gigs
at Hammersmith Odeon 17/18.7.1982
(Recorded for the live album Warrior Rock) 

Rare clippings from a Japanese Magazine 1982
A rare clipping from a Hungarian Magazine 1982
Adverts for Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard) 
(single), released 26.8.1982
Toyah on the cover of New Women In Rock (book)
Published 1.9.1982
Toyah make-up 1982
For more see the Make-Up Feature
Keith Hale (on the left) & Phil Spalding, who 
signed and gave his ticket from Zildjian Drum 
Clinic @ The Venue, London, to a fan 13.10.1982

Advert for Warrior Rock, Soundi (Finland)
November 1982
"Upea uusi live-tupla" = A fantastic new 
live double album

Toyah in Look In magazine 13.11.1982

Toyah in Jackie Magazine 27.11.1982

  Advert for The Warrior Rock Tour (also
known as The Mini Tour) December 1982
Gig poster, Top Rank, Reading 5.12.1982

Adverts for Warrior Rock (Live) (album) 
 Released December 1982

Advert for Warrior Rock, Soundi (Finland)
December 1982

Brave New World (single) miss-press 1982

12" Picture disc test pressing 
(only 10 were made) 1982

 Flexipop Magazine 
"Seven days with pop star, bunny lover
 and trainee accountant Toyah" (late 1982)

Smash Hits Happy Christmas From The Stars
Flexi disc hard pressing 1982

Happy Christmas From The Stars Smash Hits Flexi disc
Released 9.12.1982 

Toyah reviews the singles in Soundmaker
music paper 11.12.1982

Locks of Toyah's hair from 1982. The ebay seller wrote :"I was sent
this hair in early 1982 by somebody who worked at Smile 
(Toyah's hairderssers). I had the idea to send a few SAEs during 
1981, asking for a few clumps of Toyah’s hair when she next 
had it cut. All went ignored but sometime In early 1982 
I came home from school to find an envelope with my messy
handwriting on. I knew what it was immediately and ripped it open to
find a small clump of hair in Toyah’s famous golden yellow colour. I
have kept this wrapped in tissue paper for well over 30 years and have
only recently rediscovered it whilst sorting through my Toyah
memorabilia collection. I have no way of knowing or proving whether
it’s genuine Toyah hair or not but it did 100% come from Toyah’s
hairdressers. The hair is still a bright golden yellow colour and
doesn’t appear to have faded at all."

Toyah in Radio Annual, Radio Hallam, Sheffield 1982

Toyah Fan Club Christmas cards 1982 - 83
Acting agency Z-page 1982/83
Toyah calendar 1983

Collector card, Spain 1983

Daily Mirror Rock & Pop Club 
Women In Rock 5.1.1983 
Toyah's letter to a fan, January 1983
Toyah in the short-lived free Soundcheck 
music paper, January 1983
Read it in The Interview Archive here 
Toyah in TV Tops Magazine 15.1.1983

Urgh! A Music War laser disc 1983

 Marquee Studios, London
 Recording sheets 20.6, 25.6 and 28.6.1983 
from the Love Is The Law (album) sessions

Contact Sheet of photos: Toyah and Princess 
Michael of Kent at the Silver Clef Awards, an 
annual music awards lunch, London 23.6.1983

Rebel Run (single) test pressing 1983

Promo poster for Rebel Run (single) 1983

Love Is The Law (album) test pressing 1983
Adverts for Love Is The Law (album), released October 1983

Japanese advert for Love Is The Law (album) 
 Released October 1983

Rebel Run Tour scarf 1983
 Love Is The Law logo pins & badge 1983
Rebel Run Tour T-Shirt 1983
Drifter Chocolate Pop Star Card, 1983

  Toyah in Inner London Education Authority's 
16+ newspaper, November 1983

Advert for Love Is The Law, Soundi (Finland)
November 1983
"Joillakin on tyyliä" = Some people have style

Gig poster, Queensway Hall, Dunstable 30.11.1983

Gig poster, Apollo, Manchester 14.11.1983

Gig poster, Crawley 16.11.1983

Advert for Love Is The Law, Soundi (Finland)
December 1983

Gig advert, Newcastle 11.12.1983

A note from Safari Records to a fan when they won an
Intergalactic Ranchhouse (Fan Club) competition (1983)(?)

Trafford Tanzi (play) programme and a flyers 1983 
A flyer and a ticket for Trafford Tanzi 1983
McVitie's Promo Cassette 1983


Advert for Toyah! Toyah ! Toyah! (compilation)
Released February 1984  

Norvegian Magazine Cover, Mach 1984

The Ebony Tower film poster 1984
Rare Channel Islands TV Times 
Magazine 8.12.1984 

Article about The Ebony Tower
in a Hungarian magazine 1984

Toyah in Top Of The Pops Annual 1984 

Toyah Fan Club Christmas cards 1984-85

7" Don't Fall In Love (single) with 
posters (QA 6160) Released April 1985

 Don't Fall In Love
April 1985 
Don't Fall In Love 7" promo single, Australia
Toyah in David Litchfield's 
Ritz Newspaper magazine, May 1985
Adverts for Soul Passing Through Soul (single)
Released June 1985
Toyah in Etcetra Magazine, Issue 7
June 13 -26.1985

7" Soul Passing Through Soul 
  picture disc with a display stand 1985

Advert for MINX (album) 
Released July 1985)
Toyah in N:o 1 magazine 13.7.1985
Advert for MINX in a German magazine 1985
Clipping from a Japanese magazine, 1985

Advert for MINX, UK press 1985
MINX promo LP, Australia 1985

MINX press kit : The album, a booklet with album 
personnel information and a B&W promotional photo

 World In Action (single) 
Released September 1985 
Signed promo photo, 1985
TVO Signal, Canadian TV network 
programme guide 1.10.1985

Smash Hits Collection card, 1986


Theatre flyer and programme
Cabaret (musical), Strand Theatre
London, January 1987

Desire (album) two sided acetate pressing 1987

An advert for Echo Beach (single)   
Released 13.4.1987
Signed publicity card for Echo Beach 1987

 Adverts for Desire (album)
Released June 1987

Poster & programme for Three Men On A Horse (play)
Vaudeville Theatre, London, January - June 1987 

Gig flyer, Fripp Fripp, Repertory Theatre, 
Birmingham 13.11.1988
Acting agency Z-page 1988
Spanish gig flyer, Sunday All Over The World
Studio 54, Barcelona 27.4.1989

Tour flyer & poster, Sunday All Over The World
September 1989 
Gig flyer, Sunday All OverThe World
September 1989

Flyer for Whale (play), National Theatre 1989

Signed card, unknown date

A selection of posters 1981/82

Button pins 1980's

Sew on patches 1980's

A selection of vintage
 1980's T-Shirts

Toyah necklace 80's


Various letters etc. Toyah sent to Gayna Evans 
who wrote the Toyah book in 1982


COLLAGES By Official Toyah