1979 - 2023

 Poster for The Resurrection Tour 1979

Adverts for Sheep Farming In Barnet (AP)
Released 3.8.1979

Advert for Bird In Flight (Single) Released 1.2.1980 
and Sheep Farming In Barnet (Album)
 Released 22.2.1980

Bird In Flight Tour 1980

IEYA Tour 1980 and The Blue Meaning 
(Album) Released 6.6.1980

Poster for the IEYA Tour 1980

 Danced (Single) Released 28.11.1980 and
ATV Documentary 18.12.1980

Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! Live (Album)
Released 28.11.1980 and
ATV Documentary 18.12.1980

College Tour 1981

Advert and a Poster
Four From Toyah (EP) 
Released 14.2.1981

Advert for the Anthem Tour 1981

Adverts for Anthem (Album) 
Released 22.5.1981 
A Japanese advert for Anthem
Advert for Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!
in Rip it Up (New Zealand) 
Issue 48, 1.7.1981  
Advert for Anthem (Album) in the Finnish 
Magazine Soundi (July 1981)

Thunder In The Mountains (Single)
Released 21.10.1981

Four More From Toyah
Released 16.11.1981 
An advert for Warrior Rock in a 
Japanese magazine, May 1982

Brave New World (Single) 
Released 10.5.1982

The Changeling (Album) Released 7.6.1981
and The Changeling Tour 1982

 Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard) (Single)
Released  26.8.1982

 The Warrior Rock Tour (also known as 
The Mini Tour) December 1982

Warrior Rock (Live) (Album) 
Released December 1982
Promo Poster for Rebel Run
Released September 1983

 Love Is The Law (Album) 
Released October 1983)
Japanese Advert for Love Is The Law (Album) 
 Released October 1983

Toyah! Toyah ! Toyah! (Compilation)
Released February 1984

Don't Fall In Love (Single)
Released April 1985

 Soul Passing Through Soul (Single)
Released June 1985

MINX (Album) 
Released July 1985)

World In Action (Single) 
Released September 1985

Echo Beach (Single) 
Released April 1987

 Desire (Album)
Released June 1987
Take The Leap! Tour Advert 1993
Advert, Leap 2 Dream Tour 1994
 The Hitmakers Tour Poster 2006 
From Sheep Farming To Anthem: 
Classics Revisited Tour Posters 2011

 The Humans Sugar Rush Tour 
Advert October 2011
 The Changeling Resurrection Spring 
And Autumn Tour Adverts 2012

The Humans Up Close & Personal
Tour Poster July 2012
Love Is The Law And More
  Tour Posters 2013
 Songs From The Intergalactic Ranch 
House Tour Poster 2014
#Toyah At 60 Tour Poster 
Oct/Nov 2018
Thunder In The Highlands 
Tour Poster April 2019

In The Court Of The Crimson Queen 
Tour Posters 2019
Electric Ladies of the 80s Tour Poster 2020
(Postponed due to Covid)
  Posh Pop Tour Posters 2021-22
Cabaret All Stars Posters
November/December 2021

Electric Ladies of the 80s  
Tour Poster 2022 (Cancelled)

Electric Ladies Tour Poster 2022

Anthem 40 + 1 Anniversary 
Tour Posters 2022

Toyah and Robert's Sunday Lunch Tour 2023



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