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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!! And hasn’t 2012 gone ridiculously quickly?

It seems like yesterday the band where playing Shepard’s Bush and Bristol Tunnels. It feels like only last week we played the O2 Islington!

Now I am getting ready to tour HORMAONAL HOUSEWIVES, dealing with the press for 67 dates, all in different towns and setting up the touring schedule for the TOYAH BAND in the autumn as well as organising HUMANS 3 being signed in the UK.

All this and 2 shows a day for SLEEPING BEAUTY, which continues to be a joy.What a lovely company, I’ve never known a team support each other and value each other so much. Part of this is the fact we are all in this hectic schedule together, we all have the same highs and lows, the same joys, the same aches and pains but most of all we are carried along by fantastic audiences and we are all lifted by their joy and enthusiasm at 10.30am and 2.30pm AND 7pm.

So far there has been a miraculous low incident rate, everything appears to be working, even the notoriously complex but massively funny bathroom scene has not failed. Goodness knows how many gallons of water it uses. There was one incident when there appeared to be phantom in the theatre who adjusted the temperature gage to boiling so the actors where scolded during one performance, this was the same performance where all the record covers for the “record” gag where swapped around to spoil the act . . . but that all stopped and we are still clueless to who and why this was done.W ith panto, because there are so many shows, there’s always strange quirky incidents going on but for this show those incidents are very low.

I’ve not fallen off stage . . . yet . . . not been caught or accidentally hooked up to the scenery. There was one occasion when a rather huge lump off a light fell and almost hit my head but that seems eons away now and the thing is it didn’t hit my head. Yes I have had the norovirus! On Christmas evening, well Boxing Day morning my husband found me unconscious in the bathroom at home at 1am but by 3am it had passed and I was able to do the boxing day shows. Oh and I have torn the cartilage in my left knee but this is simply managed by my not pivoting on my left leg and not being lifted in the songs. I just walk forwards and back wards and run in little granny steps . . . all perfectly manageable!!!!!!

My favourite part of the show is performing “Enter The Sandman” with Wongy coming on stage and delivering a blinding solo, it is brilliant! The hair stands up on the back of my neck for every show and as I run off stage with the dancers we all say “we love that scene!” And we have all been told off by the director for extending the jokes and pushing all boundaries but that is to be expected from both actors and directors alike.

One of the most bizarre comments we have had about the show was in a letter from “disgruntled” who wrote “I had the displeasure of seeing your pantomime last night and was horrified to hear a joke about the Margate mass murderer!” We really scratched our heads over what on earth this refered to, as no one would dream of saying anything so offensive when we realised they were referring to a line in my last scene where the dame says to me . . . "What shall we do with her boys and girls, make her do pantomime in Margate!” This innocent joke had been translated in “disgruntled” letter as “put her under the patio in Margate.”

2013 is now well under way and the phone is ringing non stop. I have a very good feeling about this year. There is so much going on and a lot to be excited about and I hope it feels the same for you too. We are looking at getting a full video ready for SENSATIONAL, so more news on that soon. Hope you’ve heard it on TV on the Weight Watchers advert (view on homepage) featuring Patsy Kensit!

Have a wonderful 2013 and I will see you out there! I would like to dedicate this letter to UNCLE BILL who passed away at 2am on the 3rd Jan. He is my husband’s uncle and was a huge supporter of our work. Bill, or Alfie, was an inspiration and he taught me that every second, every minute, every day is a gift.






I’ve just read the script for HORMONAL HOUSEWIVES for about the tenth time and I am still hooting with laughter. MY GOODNESS IT IS VERY, VERY NAUGHTY.

There’s one scene where I wax another actress . . . that is all that I am saying! I can see this tour is going to be a RIOT! With predominantly female audiences totally misbehaving whist hubby is at home! And why not!

The days are getting longer, January has gone and the future awaits . . . I am so excited, this is my favourite time of year, knowing the spring and summer is coming, what a fantastic feeling. In my head I have hit “delete” on January. OOOOOOOH! It was ruff! It has taken well over the month to get over the Norovirus and all its repercussions. I am feeling pretty much normal now but there are still waves of tiredness and instability. And where do my illness go when I get them? Straight to my joints. AND what does this mean? I start limping and this means numerous MRI scans, X-RAYS and physio . . . ALL JANUARY! I am radioactive!

That said I want to thank the specialist who have got me back on my feet because I had one hairraising week when I couldn’t walk. Richard Villar my hip surgeon, what a saint, thank you for the constant reassurance that all is OK and absolutely nothing is broken, torn, ripped or falling apart! Thank you to my physios Andrew Leisk, Andrew Buckley and Sandie Davies for getting me walking again and two miracle working acupuncturists Ann Quinn and James Hayllar for sticking so many pins in me and making me feel GREAT AGAIN!

AND thank you to my wonderful husband for massaging my aching limbs, you have a second career if you want it……as a masseur!

Now January can sod off!

Yesterday I had the most fantastic morning with Claire Balding recording BBC RADIO 4’s RAMBLINGS. (This is broadcast 28 Feb on BBC RADIO 4 at 3pm) Having arrived in my January “woe is me” state, Claire’s vibrant, intelligent and adorable openness had me walking the fastest I had in a month and gabbling, rambling, gossiping and laughing all morning. It was a tonic. We walked across a very flooded Croome Park near where I live. The sun was shining brilliantly yet there were large areas under huge ponds of water.

When we were not recording we were talking about shared friends and interests AND the Olympics! Even though I didn’t go to the Olympics last year, I was connected and informed by the fact my sister was part of the NHS terrorist response team, so I got to hear everything I was allowed to know from my sister. Claire and I had a lot to compare, with her “in the space” experience and my connection to my sister who spent four years on the team setting up the NHS response with all its practice runs in the event of an attack.

My sister said there wasn’t one terrorist incident at the Olympic village and Claire’s reply was that the police intelligence was so strong that they arrested all potential troublemakers well before the event. The Olympics has been such a massive project for my sister that she is now retiring and joining THE ROUND THE WORLD YATCH RACE. Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire! This is a woman who gets seasick on a car journey, but she has done her provisional training and has loved every minute. Come June she will set sale for a year!

My sister is 8 years older than me, so this gives me 8 years to decide how to top and tail my working life . . . how would I celebrate my working life? Do you know I have no idea, everything I thought I’d want to do, once I was middle aged, isn’t relevant any more. The world has changed so unrecognisably since I formed my dreams and desires decades ago, no matter what dream I come up with life moves so fast that everything needs updating and re-evaluating. OK so what do I want to be doing in 8 years time, here’s a kind of bucket list:

I’d like a brand new bikini friendly body, because I’ve never really had one. So, get the body confidence issues out of the way . . . I’d like to ski off piste somewhere near the Matterhorn! In a bikini! I’d like to sing at Carnegie Hall . . . with THE HUMANS! Then take over the world! Oh and also I’d like THE HUMANS to play ST.PAULS CATHEDRAL. In fact I’d like this to happen this year rather than in 8 years!

Once having physio, three years ago, one day after my hip replacement, I was in so much pain I passed out and I had this vision that I was starring in a TV medical drama in New York, I’d like this vision to come true, because ironically in it I was in my 60s!

Have fantastic holidays. I usually only get one every four or six years but in 8yrs time I want at least four a year . . . travelling the west coast of America, India, Peru and Old Tibet, Easter Island and THE MOON! (in my dreams) Be on the mission to MARS. Discover a palatable and tangible truth about why we are born, our souls and eternity that translates to all living beings whatever their religion. HEAVY! Be in a hot tub with Bowie, Steve Carell, Will Farell, Matt Bellamy, Robert Downey Jnr . . . NAAAA this is never going to happen!!!!!

Write the best series of horror novels of all time……..oh yes! This is my favourite! I need to think more seriously about this because having just come up with the last nine sentences it is clear I have not really made any plans for my future. I bet this is an age thing, the future could be bleak if you don’t wrap it in the protection of your personal desires and dreams!

Thank you to everyone for supporting SENSATIONAL, the YOU-TUBE video hits keep growing and growing. Dean Stockings put a montage together for YouTube so the track could be enjoyed by everyone in its entirety. I was slightly horrified when Popjustice talked about it as a come back video. This was never intended. I only found out the track was being used by WeightWatchers on Christmas Eve, so no time was available to shoot a new video (and the norovirus hit me Christmas day) but this might be rectified!!!!!!!!

Humans 3 is now mixed and it is the most delicious album with fantastic songs, poppy, groovy, rocky and lush! Dates are going in for the TOYAH AUTUMN TOUR, so all is on track and all is good!

HORMONAL HOUSEWIVES opens on the 5th MARCH and I am looking forward to laughing my way through spring!



MARCH 2013

Hello and welcome to my update!

Rehearsals for HORMONAL HOUSEWIVES have been a fantastic learning curve. This show is a three hander and we never leave the stage. Apart for two very quick costume changes in the wings.

This is quite a challenge for me as I tend to drink a pint of water every hour and therefore I suffer the biological consequences because of it, but not with this show . . . my water habit will have to be subdued somewhat for the next ten weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

On asking the question in rehearsals . . . “when do you get to drink water in each act?” the answer was ‘never’ unless you pop your head around a stage flat which I cannot see will be possible. As a singer I am used to drinking more water than usual to maintain good vocal chord health, hydration being one of the most important things for the voice and good brain activity. Then I asked “what if one of us needs the loo?” to which I got a sympathetic rhetorical hands in the air . . . meaning . . . no chance!

Having run the play a few times now in rehearsals I think I’m going to be fine, the acts go so quickly there is no sense of time at all, in fact each act seems to disappear in minutes because there is so much to think about. Apart from being very nervous about first night I am confident I am ready and I am also confident that the show is going to be hysterical. There are so many ‘moments’ where I think the audience is just going to catch fire, some very funny things take place.

This show has given me some rewarding challenges. It is the kind of script where listening is 50% of the preparation to the actually speaking of the lines, with just the three of us we are all responsible for steering the subjects and comedy in quite broad sweeps. So this role isn’t just about learning my lines, it is evident we all need to know each others lines too, because we each set up the others jokes and there’s 216 pages!

I cannot say too much with out giving the comedy away, which would be a spoiler but we all play 6 characters each (as well as playing ourselves), who find themselves in ironic but very real situations. There are two common themes in the show that are completely alien to me, the first being childbirth and the second being teenagers.

Somehow I’ve managed to bypass both experiences in my life. This has led to many educational discussions from my fellow actresses and the director! Sometimes it has felt like I am a visitor to earth being warned about both! The most surprising revelation to me is that I have managed to avoid contact with both subjects for the majority of my adult life. I’ve been too busy working, travelling, reading science fiction and horror, now I’m paying the price. The majority of the population have a family life!

It has been no secret I’ve been poorly since Christmas day. It now appears I have a long-term virus rather than an injury. I think the effects of the virus are going to be with me until June, having done my research on the subject. Rather bizarrely I know four other people with the same symptoms, they all live locally and they all got ill at Christmas.

My poor hubby has developed it. My local physiotherapist and our best friend have had the symptoms since Christmas AND IT IS NASTY! About every fifteen minutes I feel as though I have been hit with a hammer in my knees, my back, my shoulders or my hips. The pain doesn’t last, it migrates quickly around my body, as my tendons and muscles spasm. Weight loss is the main concern, I’ve dropped about a stone and lost muscle tone, but I am just about back on my feet. This is mainly due to the fact I went back to work and didn’t stay home feeling sorry for myself, but there was one very hair-raising day when the whole HORMONAL HOUSEWIVES team and I had to decide if I was well enough to continue! My recovery has been noticeably quick; I’m back at about 85% and getting better every day.

There have been three turning points that really helped me keep going, the first being the cast and production team have done everything possible to support me through this peculiar virus, the second is I have had daily physio at THE BROMLEY SPORTS INJURY CENTRE to rebuild the shocking muscle loss that’s happened in the last six weeks and thirdly I’ve come across at least 4 other people with the same symptoms which psychologically has really helped me place this experience in the mind and the nervous system, rather than constantly worrying that every bone in my body was breaking . . . its like a demolition party is taking place inside me!

But I am getting there and loving being a part of this show and I am so grateful I have it because this tour will cure me! Eleven weeks on the road are ahead of me. My car is crammed with clothes, food, maps, paper work. I could survive anything, my packing regime is so well honed! My main priority is I don’t want to carry my home on my back, lugging tons of unneeded items in and out of theatres, but instead only taking what I need from the car each night . . . this is so different to touring a band!

On top of the show there is a lot of daily press, as there are 67 venues to cover. Next Monday I am recording an interview for BBC RADIO 2’s Steve Wright Show. Then I have the Wright Stuff and much more! The dominating question I am getting asked is “are men welcome?” well of course yes, as long as the man in attendance likes women! Because this is all about women, it is not political and I’d say it isn’t about feminism but it certainly celebrates the lives and nuances of women! Everyone is welcome!

I hope you get to see it and I will keep you informed of all news coming in about the summer and autumn shows too…. Make sure you are all signed up to the new BREAKING THROUGH mailing list news-letter alongside checking the website, facebook and twitter.



APRIL 2013


My house is rocking with the company of HORMONAL HOUSEWIVES, who are all behaving impeccably I must say. All 8 of them.

As we are in Wolverhampton for two nights I am able to have the team over for lunch. I don't have time to cook so we are about to tuck into local fish n' chips followed by tons of ice cream! There may be only three of us on stage but there's also the sound, lighting, costumes and some of their family members too. Robert is currently doing what he loves best and is giving the entire team a guided tour of the house . . . including the history of certain pieces of furniture, certain paintings, certain rooms . . . so I know I have long enough to write this blog! Then I will go and save the team from information overload, but from what I can hear they're loving the history!

The Hormonal Housewives tour is fantastic. It's incredibly energising. To be performing to a sea of smiling, happy people who laugh their rocks off is total bliss. AND I'm loving the one nights in each town. Every morning setting off to a new town and a new venue is surprisingly exciting. I think we were in Crawley when her microphone broke last and Julie had to exit the stage to get a new mic pack. This normally would have happened quite quickly but as Sarah–Jane Buckley and myself entertained the audience with a bit of improv I saw in the wings the layers Julie had on . . . her track suit, her finale Cher outfit and dare I say . . . a spanx!!!!!!!!!!!!

WONDERFULLY inconvenient for the sound man, who had to get right in there to get to her mic pack. Personally I feel this attempt at changing a women's microphone should have taken place on stage in front of the audience because every women in the auditorium, including me, would have sympathised with how we all tend to over dress to impress!!!!!!! It was like watching a ferret (the sound man) getting trapped in Houdini's straightjacket.

I haven't escaped unintended adventures either. My particular talent apparently is to say a line completely back to front and not notice, which has both Julie and SJ in hysterics. I think one particularly good one was " She's all Knickers and no fur coat," it got such a huge laugh I should have kept it in! The audiences have been fantastic, an absolute joy and the tour is selling out fast . . . and it is going fast too! Each week seems like a day, each show feels like five minutes!

I've kind of wiped from my memory having to sleep on the M23 on the 11th March. The snow was coming down thick and fast. Having left London at 3pm for Brighton, I thought all would be fine, then I hit the M23 and realised there was going to be a massive problem. Ironically I got a text from Nigel Glockler whose wife was coming to see the show that night and I warned him I was stuck in the snow. He texted back . . . so was he . . . with other members of Saxon, en route from rehearsals up north . . . and . . . he was about 500 yards ahead of me on the M23.

This proved to be a major comfort for me, because Nigel kept in touch all night and I never felt stranded but 14 hours later, having missed the show, I managed to get off the motorway and get to bed back in London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There were hundreds of us stranded and everyone behaved with acceptance and grace. I even saw a delivery man from a well known supermarket, open up the back of his truck and hand food out to some very hungry young women. Luckily I always travel with food and blankets so I was ok on that front.

It was very emotionally painful being stuck on the road knowing I was supposed to be on stage and I felt utterly mortified for my fellow actors and the audience, but the show went on and Louise, our understudy did a fabulous job. I have no intention of getting stranded again, come rain, come shine, floods or snow! I hope you get to see the show and have a fantastic time! There's only seven weeks left and I think it is all going to go in a blink of an eye!



MAY 2013


OOOOOHHHHHH I am very excited. It is MAY!

This means long light days! YIPEE! It's the beginning of summer! YIPEE!!!! AND it's my birthday month, my husband's birthday month AND our wedding anniversary! YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!

We, THE FRIPPS, could say we have celebrated this by appearing on MR & MRS. ITV'S cult, yes, cult programme about spouses and their knowledge of each other. Back in the 70's I used to watch this programme with the entire Willcox family, totally astounded that any couple could actually get a question wrong. But fast forward to 2013 and the new series is clever, funny and in my opinion addictive. I won't say who won but the questions caught us both out with hilarious twists and turns.

This was Mr. Fripp's debut turn on a prime time ITV game show and he was fabulous. He even allowed the make-up department to airbrush foundation onto his face. Shock horror, I was really concerned about this and I was ready to jump in and stop anything that would make him regret being the centre of attention (because he doesn't like being the focus point) but hubby was fantastic and I believe he enjoyed the process.

He instinctively entered into the spirit of it all. The production company was so excited he was there. It was obvious there were a lot of Fripp fans working on the programme. It was such a good experience that it is possible we will be working together on TV in the future. We are beginning talks this summer about a show (and I don't mean fly on the wall reality) recorded from our home. So lets see what happens, but everyone agrees Mr. Fripp has a talent for quirky comedy and I have a talent for being quirky . . . THE FRIPPS the next chapter awaits . . . it might mean I see more of him too!

HORMONAL HOUSEWIVES has been great! It still goes from strength to strength, with sell out shows, great reviews and it remains lots of fun. I have loved this way of touring, a different venue every night. It suits my temperament, as someone who adores constant change!

As I write this we are in our last three weeks of our 12 week tour. It has been fantastic being on stage, acting again and I am certainly up for more touring shows in the future. It's given me the bug.Comedy is such a wonderful way to go to work and it is a brilliant medium to learn about. I don't know how stand up comics do it. I certainly would never ever attempt stand up, far too scary, but to have the right script for the right audience has been a total blessing.

So onwards and upwards, as of May the 27th it's back to my other day job, being a singer! The autumn tour is shaping up and we should be announcing the dates any day now. London, Manchester and Bristol are solid, we are now awaiting confirmation on a few other dates before we announce. We have decided to keep it selective and to main venues as I have a TV series to shoot in the autumn, but there will be enough venues for everyone to reach and to follow us around the country. The tour set will include songs from LOVE IS THE LAW, CRIMSON QUEEN, ANTHEM, CHANGELING and SHEEP FARMING, in that order of priority.

Next year I might tour CRIMSON QUEEN, in it's own right, especially if I can pin SIMON DARLOW down to record the follow up and to come and do some dates too. CQ is a fantastic album and it has had such a great response in the industry I'd like to give it the time it deserves. But this isn't my priority just yet.

Autumn is the priority just now. Once the HORMONAL HOUSEWIVES tour ends I can start intensive physio to regain my muscle strength after what has been one of the worst illness of my life. I am the other side now but the virus (still unknown) has taken quite a toll on me. It has worked its way through every joint, causing imflamation and severe pain. But as my specialist said " you are the healthiest 54 year old I have seen, there is nothing wrong with you, other than a virus has hit your nervous system, so that's the good news!"

Last week I had a large shot of steroids into my backside and today I feel like super women! I cannot start the physio, properly, until I am off the road because the virus has conditioned my nerves to react as if I have broken a bone if I over stress a joint. The result being I am incapacitated for a few days after physio, but I can re-condition this out of my muscles once I have the space for recovery time. I would like to thank everyone who has come to see HORMONAL HOUSEWIVES. Thank you for your support and the joy of your laughter. AND a massive thank you to the cast, crew and production team who have supported me through this damned illness and made it possible for me to keep working.

AND a massive THANK YOU to my wonderful agents who have been there for me all the way. Lastly, THANK YOU to the production team of MR.& MRS who looked after me brilliantly too! THANK YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN ANGELS AT MY SIDE! Now let the summer start! I can't wait.



JUNE 2013


Here I am learning the lyrics to SENSATIONAL, which is going into the new TOYAH set this year. AND can I remember them?!!!!!!!

I wrote them but they wont go into my head. Having just learned 216 pages of dialogue for Hormonal Housewives, effortlessly, why are song lyrics so notoriously difficult to learn? But I will persevere; firstly I have to and secondly after two weeks solidly addressing this, the damned things have got to stick somewhere to the walls of my head.

Life swings like a pendulum between glorious creativity and absurd normality. This morning at 8am I dragged my husband kicking and screaming to the doctors and made my husband have every 'ill' he constantly complains about looked at by a professional rather than me. For the past four years I have had to guess diagnose his ill's from trawling through the reams of self diagnosis on the internet. Now I've had enough!

Why are men so bad at going to the doctors? Why do men think their partners, spouses and friends are better at diagnosing than a professional? The doctor completely ignored me as I listed all Roberts many neglected ailments. I guess his wife has the same trouble with him, but I kept on listing them until he realized I was determined the NHS was going to treat my hubby and not me. As we came away I felt like the mean schoolteacher having made the naughty pupil eat lumpy blancmange. Now I am free of the touring schedule of Hormonal Housewives I am back in the flow of TOYAH LIFE.

Firstly I am back to full health, which is a huge relief, I must never get to a serious point of exhaustion again. That said I start training in Cambridge this week, along side a few Olympians at a center that specializes in ALTER G rehabilitation ……anti-gravity training. There will be a lot pictures twittered once I am in my full blow up suit on the treadmill!

Now time is mine again there's the odd million meetings with TV, film, stage and record companies. VINTAGE TV are making an hour special with Robert and myself, as well as a series I have proposed about women in music, plus TOYAH'S CHRISTMAS and there will be some live music filming of the TOYAH BAND all happening in the next three months, before the autumn tour kicks off. The autumn tour will be fun, because it will pull together a real journey in my life, from SHEEP FARMING to LOVE IS THE LAW to IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON QUEEN. Make the most of seeing this tour because it will be the last one where we feature an album for a while, in chronological order of release.

There's a lot of new stuff going on and CRIMSON QUEEN for me would be far more fun to put live than MINX, that said I am going to talk to SIMON DARLOW about doing some live shows of the songs we have written together, believe me the new stuff we have done already is really kicking, so undoubtedly MINX stuff will slot in somewhere. The last four months have been an incredible journey for me. I have come out of it stronger and I hope a whole lot wiser. There have been some very funny synchronicities along the way.

In March, after the show in Folkestone, I needed a physio on a Sunday in London. Googling for a physio who worked on Sunday I found Cherie who worked at a gym around the corner from me. She had a free appointment. Cherie was great, in fact I now see her regularly. But . . . this is a first of many synchronicities . . . she is from Seattle. She went out with Robert's drummer in King Crimson 20 years ago when she was a teenager. Her husband is a renowned music producer and she knows all Bill Rieflin's friends.

At this time my knees where being problematic (nothing serious) but thanks to the viral infection I was getting over, my knees where painful and she recommended I see a surgeon in the future who is specializing in a new technique…….. she handed me his name, it is the little brother of my lifetime friends from school, Bina and Gita. I had no idea he had become one of the UK's leading pioneers in knee surgery, as I hadn't seen him for 40 years.

Then a short time later I was walking towards my car in the West End and someone was calling my name, so I stopped and said hello, not knowing who they were and it was Bina and Gita's younger sister Sheila, who again I hadn't seen for 40 years and people can really change in 40 years, so I was forgiven for not knowing her immediately. I love it when time and the universe makes connections on your behalf, which I believe it does. So this month I am seeing as many of my friends as possible, because for the past nine months I have been too busy to have a social life and I miss all my friends.

See you all soon, hopefully, either at one of the summer festivals but certainly for the LOVE IS THE LAW AUTUMN TOUR. All of the tour dates are on my GIGS page and there's a new live track of the month there too.



JULY 2013

Hello there!

I cannot believe it but I have just turned down a request to do the next series of Splash. The "learn to high dive" programme where swimming costumes are compulsory no matter how old you are.

I said to my agent "look I am 55, it should be law for someone with a body like mine not to be seen in public in anything other than a full body suit. And as for diving off 60ft boards, yes I can just see the injuries I could do myself". I was thrilled to be asked but they have left it 30 years too late!

All last week Bill Rieflin (THE HUMANS) rested up at our home before playing at Glastonbury with Peter Buck and Robyn Hitchcock. We spoiled him rotten! Firstly we took him for high tea at Buckland Manor in the Cotswolds. Mr. skinny Rieflin tucked into clotted cream and scones, then we took him home, after a walk around the Cotswold town of Broadway where he tried on tweed jackets, and we fed him again! Then the following day we took him to The Bridge at Bidford for lunch followed by tea in Stratford, followed by supper.

Secretly, in the case of Bill Rieflin, I am a feeder. The joy I experience if he leaves our home after a few days with a muffin top peeping over his baggy trousers is immeasurable. He will not be too pleased with me for telling you all that but he is now en-route to Norway . . . so tough.

We had good HUMANS future proofing time and got a video idea underway and also the possibility of a live internet performance was explored, plus management because I am toooooo busy to manage this unruly band, it is like trying to herd cats . . . One morning Bill returned to our house after popping to the shops and was thrilled that our local Asda plays Robbie Williams "Candy" in rotation. Bill played drums on the album. Robert and I explained we always stop our shopping to dance in the ailes when it comes on.

My training is going well and I am getting stronger all the time. It will take all year to regain my full strength but I am moving in the right direction. I'm a little addicted to the ALTER G running machine, it gives you 30per cent gravity, the same as walking on the moon, which allows me to run with out hurting myself. Believe it or not running is something I am not allowed to do unless I am on this machine.

The only problem is I am too small for the machines design. A rubber seal has to be fitted around your waist, this is then zipped into an air suit that surrounds the running platform, then air is pumped into the suit and it lifts you to 30per cent gravity. Because I am small the rubber seal isn't tight enough and the air escapes from around my waist making farting noises for 30 minutes, rather like air escaping from a balloon. I just turn to the other trainers and say "excuse me its my age."

The Guardian have just been on the phone wanting to talk about the V&A CLUB TO CATWALK exhibition which opens on the10th July. I'm only featured in a photograph, this is the THUNDER IN THE MOUNTAINS single cover.  But the Guardian have been sent pics of me in a Melissa Caplin outfit I donated to the Sheffield Rock Museum in 1987, how they got hold of that shot I do not know because I only wore this particular outfit once. It is a bright orange highway-mans coat with black abstracts painted on it . . . very day-glo.

I really have managed to cross the boundaries of quite a few music movements . . . punk, new wave, new romantic and gothic. The Guardian asked why everything was so inventive back then and my reply was "it was before the time of the consultancy firms, focus groups and PR companies predicting future colour schemes, fashion and trends 2 years ahead of the time. Everything was real back then." I've agreed to be involved with a talk about 80's fashion on the 8th November at the V&A, the night before we play ISLINGTON O2. They have asked I bring my collection of stage costumes along form this period. I have to say I will be so proud to see them in the middle of the V&A!

Presently I am reading PROOF OF HEAVEN by DR. EBEN ALEXANDER. It is a best seller in New York and my hair dresser Mark recommended it to me, having lost his father not too long ago this book has given him great comfort. For me I have no doubt my mother is still by my side, my father I cannot feel, he has truly flown away, but mum is communicative, mischievous and constantly present. Its funny death dosen't scare me but others deaths do. What I mean by this I am scared of loosing my friends, my husband, any more family, YET, I believe in eternity.

So I am reading this book to see if it helps me deal with the loss of friends. And low and behold in chapter 9 the author describes something I experienced when I was 14yrs old. In the exact detail I have described my experience in my autobiography LIVING OUT LOUD when I used to dream of a TALL WHITE taking me by the hand and out into the universe to meet the "sphere beings" . . . it's a fascinating read . . .

Going back to Bill, he was with us when our garden was vandalised. At 10pm there was a loud knock at our front door and three police people came in saying " we believe Toyah Willcox might be the target of intruders." Boy! This was freaky. So they all run out into the garden to discover the mess the intruders had left behind. Out statue RITES OF SPRING made by the sculptress Althea Wynne was smashed as were stone benches. The real sadness of this damage is Althea was killed last year when a truck drove into her car. We can never replace the sculpture, the memory nor the presence of Althea, and that is heartbreaking.

The police were fantastic, so where our neighbours who reported it. The culprits where caught and admitted to the damage. They are in their late teens. That night they were so drunk that one threw up in the police car. I would just like to point out that on Saturday at Glastonbury . . . quote "2.54 million tuned into see the Rolling stones and 2.78 million watched Die Hard on BBC1". When I played Drury Lane, live on BBC2 Christmas Eve 1981 . . . I had 12 million viewers. Just an historical fact. But who cares I am just a female.






About a month ago hubby and I looked around our home and realised we had boxed up belongings stashed away from two house moves . . . 14 years ago to be exact.

This “stuff’ was taking up vital room. It is quite breathtaking that two people need so much space. We need space for our eclectic tastes, space for our physical needs (I am always exercising) (he is always reading), space for the things we love AND it has dawned on us space for the things we no longer want to look at. In my reluctance to face the weeks of unpacking ahead of us in order to acquire more space I came up with a pretty effective and basic solution . . .

“IF WHAT WE SET OUR EYES ON DOESN’T BRING US JOY AND WE HAVE LIVED WITH OUT IT FOR MORE THAN 5 YEARS . . . IT GOES!” This proved itself a miraculous solution. It took away the youthful burden that everything you have ever touched, or set eyes on in your entire life is a vital ingredient to happiness and must be carried upon your back like a snails shell, under the belief it will enrich your life forever. In our case the snail’s shell was about a hundred stacked cardboard boxes.

Within a few weeks of daily unpacking “stuff”, it was no longer stuff but GONE! Either escorted to the nearest charity shop, distributed around family and friends or hygienically binned! Cripes! I even found boxes of used envelopes, old scraps of discarded lyrics in the sackful, old make up, boxes of socks, boxes of wrapping paper, boxes of music magazines from the 1970’s. There were some treasures, for example an incredibly tasteful amount of vinyl. From Velvet Undergound to Bowie to Iggy to PERE UBU to all my first test pressings. Original 80s couture and photographs behind the scenes that had completely slipped my memory. There was some joy to be found. Then it occurred to me what if I addressed life with the same philosophy

“IF WHAT WE SET OUR EYES ON DOESN’T BRING US JOY AND WE HAVE LIVED WITH OUT IT FOR MORE THAN 5 YEARS . . . IT GOES!” On the surface this could be a callous and cruel way of dealing with people and things but if approached in an ethical rather than hedonistic way I have found it completely liberating. Firstly this law doesn’t apply to people. Time moves so quickly at my age, five years now feels like a year. But the principle “ If something doesn’t bring you joy . . . it goes”, is fantastically freeing with many other cases and issues.

At the age of 55 time is now defined, it is pretty obvious how much I have left, its limitations are clear, so do I want to put up with shit. No. Do I want to carry the burden of other peoples agenda’s BLAH BLAH BLAH. NO! Like all people my age I have worked hard. Time is now about joy. We must stop buying into the negativity of “empty nesting, down-sizing, ill-health, no-future, over weight, senility, incontinence . . . BLAH BLAH BLAH” and find JOY. Why dosent the world of commerce sell joy?

I am coming at this from a basic animal experience. Look at the pets you live with. All they require is joy. They don’t require hard sell, fear motivated, controlling advertising and social networking that is basically a way of us all being tagged. They just require joy . . . food, the security of being loved, a warm bed and the occasional sexual experience.

Joy is simple, uncomplicated and possible to attain. It has taken me bloody decades to have this insight! Mainly because school and upbringing knocked the principles of joy out of my system, but one can always call it back!

So how has this worked so far . . .

1. I’ve turned down a lot of work, really bad substandard stuff.

2. Turned down newspaper requests because I can no longer stomach the dishonesty that comes back in the printed word.

3. I start my day with a TED lecture . .. brain food.

4. I am training with the best in the world because I deserve the best and at 55 you are not too over the hill to be physically adventurous.

5. I find two hours in the day to read . .. presently . . . HIGH CONCEPT…DON SIMPSON AND THE HOLLYWOOD CULTURE OF EXCESS.

6. Do rather than just talk about. Ie: pick up a new skill and learn . . . more on this in six months time.

7. Clear clutter.

8. Recognise and make transparent other people's agendas. This is all around us. And don’t be willing to be controlled by them.

9. Have time for fun. In my case my work is constant fun but also I’m making time for play.

10. Don’t be afraid to tell people how much you love them. I have friends who hate this but for F---‘s Sake once they are gone you cant tell them! So make ‘em take it on the chin!

So to conclude JULY has been quite wonderful.

The opening of the V&A’S FROM CLUB TO CATWALK was a wonderful night. Steve Strange was on great form as were many others. The DURAN’S where milling around with the Spandau’s and the fashion on display was inventive, fantastic and fresh. I felt so proud especially as I had no idea one of my costumes was to be exhibited next to ADAM ANT! Wow that brought back happy joyful memories.

Every minute of every day is filled because I am training at PERFORM ST. GEORGES PARK. I am taking every opportunity to get to maximum strength and fitness. Even though I only train for two hours a day it also means four hours travelling but it is so worth it and I am loving it, it is tough and I love that. ST. GEORGES is a very eventful place, last week I was circuit training in the gym with OLLY MURS and NICK GRIMSHAW presenting RADIO 1 from the football pitch below, which was a really fun good natured event with invited fans watching on.

Then the next day I ended up in the pool with the MONACO football team . . . nice! And I still managed to get down to London to have fun with Cilla Black over supper. What a role model, she looks wonderful, she is in amazing shape and what a wicked sense of humour . . . age is just a number . . . life is for living no matter what and where you are . . . remember . . .

JOY IS OUR NATURAL STATE AND DON’T LET ANYONE CONTROL YOU BY SAYING IT ISNT! Today I am learning the set for ISLE OF WIGHT, the set list for the autumn tour is well underway and THE HUMANS . . . well suddenly there is label interest. So more on that soon!





Many times I am asked “Did you ever think you’d be doing what you are doing now when you where 19 years old?”

It’s one of those rather tedious repetitive questions that gets thrown at you, that makes you grit your teeth and try to answer in a civil tone, omitting the phrase “look you dumb arse, how the hell would I have known 36 years ago that the world would have a completely different landscape today . . . ddduuuuuhhhhhh!”

Yet here I am standing at Butlers Wharf London, where all those years ago I made the film JUBILEE, back then I was as poor as hell. I couldn’t buy food and used to walk home rain sodden because I couldn’t afford the travel fair. And 36 year ago Butlers Wharf was the waste ground Derek Jarman used as the back drop to his punk epic, Jubillee. It was an unwanted part of London but today it is a startlingly vibrant, beautiful and bustling community.

I’ve just found my sister in ST. KATHERINE’S DOCK where she has boarded her sailing yacht for the next 10 months. At the age of 63 she is embarking on the CLIPPER ROUND THE WORLD YACHT RACE. This is her dream, what she has worked hard for, for the past 45 years. A dream that entails crossing treacherous seas through unforgiving seasons, only being able to wash once a week and sharing a bunk (or hammock) with 21 other crew on a rota of four hours sleep, six hours crewing for the next 294 days.

In answer to the question “would I have guessed 36 years ago . . . ?” NO! I’d never have guessed what I’d be doing today. My sister Nicola Besag was the quietest member of the Willcox family. Nicola was the studious one who always played by the rules. She used to wait at the school gates to collect me from detention. She was the one summoned to explain my behaviour when I threw chairs out of the classroom window.

Nicola was shy and lacking in confidence then suddenly around 30 years old the Willcox gene kicked in and she became known for her ferocity, so much so when I was in hospital two weeks ago for a check up one of the nurses came up to me and said is Nicola Besag your sister? “Yes”, “Oh she was terrifying when I sat my exams with her.” NICE.

I told my sister this and she was very happy her reputation still resounds around the NHS. I once witnessed my sister hauling an abusive driver on the A40 out of his car and across his bonnet……so look out high seas you’ve got a challenge coming. I know she will be ok but in a diminishing family she will be missed beyond comparison. I might have mentioned this before but I was supposed to take the summer off . . . I have never been busier!

Every second has been filled with requests, demands, please would you’s and Oh while you are here . . . !!!!! Exaggeration not! This has easily been one of the busiest times of my life. Partly because next year has gone through the roof, the recession is definitely easing as band bookings are coming in every hour for 2014. There won’t be a tour as such next year, but rather we intend to work all year across the UK and parts of Europe too.

In the last two weeks two very nice movie roles have come in, purely low budget British projects, one is a SCI-FI . . . I’d say it was my very first sci-fi but back in ‘85 I did a small scene for a sci-fi, Lorca & The Outlaws (skip to 58 mins in) singing in a video sequence, “Lion of Symmetry” which I co-wrote with Genesis member Tony Banks.

Anyway I get a call from the British director asking if I’d consider a small cameo and the answer was YES PLEASE! The other role is for Tom Lawes who is a great film maker who lives barely 500 yards from my front door. Tom has been a keen supporter of my acting and music for a long time. He owns the Electric Cinema in Birmingham where he wants THE HUMANS to perform asap!

Robert and I are about to start filming for VINTAGE TV. This is a totally new departure for Robert. I’m not totally convinced he knows what to do in front of a camera but I do know he will be fantastic and I am there to guide him. In fact I think he is a talent yet to be discovered on the “talking head to camera” stage. He is a naturally funny raconteur. After this I want to encourage him into acting, I think he could fill Donald Pleasence’s shoes! Hubby has a natural menace about him.

For the festivals this year we were blessed with fantastic weather. I really loved JACK UP THE 80s, the audience where blissed out, super cool and happy. This mood seeped its way onto the stage, it felt like a festival should feel . . . total summer bliss. UPTON was the same, I was nervous playing home turf but it was a fantastic show. The band played so well at all the shows. I love it when the hair stands up on the back of my neck, this is usually when wongy does a blinding solo or Alan Dale does an unexpected drum fill which makes us all smile with surprise, appreciation and acknowledgement. The backstages at all the festivals where quite an experience this year. Only Tatton Park was calm and collected.

At the ISLE OF WHITE I dressed and put my make up on in the bus with very friendly people roaming in and out for conversations. It felt like the early days when all convention of artist/audience didn’t exist and instead there was a free for all and once you made it to the stage you had more space! If the audience only knew, no point being modest in these conditions, you just have to strip off ☺

In a couple of weeks we start rehearsing for THE LOVE IS THE LAW TOUR. Wongoose has been arranging the songs, I’ve been planning the costume with Sean Chapman and Dean Stockings is planning a new shoot around his commitments to Boy George.

It’s a busy year about to get busier! More news on the tour in the October web letter, but I will say we are all excited!

But now, I need to go because there’s a record label to talk to who wants HUMANS 3. Fingers crossed . . . a Christmas release . . . maybe?

BE PROUD BE LOUD BE HEARD (this will be in the tour set by the way)




It is a matter of days now until the first LOVE IS THE LAW show.

Interestingly I already know the songs inside out. Whereas The Changeling took months to learn, Love Is The Law is still firmly in my head from 1983 . . . one of the happiest and most fulfilling years of my life.

I love this album. I love the way we wrote it, Joel, Simon and myself setting up a studio in my house in Finchley and writing all day before a car would take me to the Mermaid Theatre to perform in the evening in Trafford Tanzi. Then after the show another car would collect me and take me to the Marquee Studios to record what we had written earlier. My voice was strong and well rounded from the evening show. We would often record well into the dawn with me placing main vocals at 2,3,4 in the morning before I would finally flag, order a pizza and drift happily home to start all over again.

It was manic, high energy, joyous and unstoppable. This album represents not only my happiest moments but also the life of The Angels And Demons and the few hundred strong who camped outside the theatre and those who followed us to the Marquee. It was like a small encampment in the middle of London, a true Toyah Army who had such a zest for life. I’d come to the stage door in the interval of the show and hear the latest goings on, hear the latest gossip and witness strong bonds growing between certain individuals.

I’d also hear about arrests, drunken moments, lost possessions and broken hearts but it all seem to blend, mend and move on to the next adventure quite quickly. This is how the title track LOVE IS THE LAW came about. We invited those who followed us to the Marquee into the studio around 2am one morning and we all stood around the microphones singing the chorus.

It was hysterical to start with because it was the first time most of the gang had been in front of a microphone but after one or two takes it all started to fall into place, thus the title track evolved. It was a hot spring and even hotter summer, just perfect! Out of all my albums this is really the only one I return to, to listen to for pleasure and to touch those incredible memories. I have the same feeling when I hear Crimson Queen or any of the Humans albums . . . just connection to happiness.

Thus when I compiled the set list for the tour and started to learn the new additions . . . there was nothing to learn . . . it was already safely docked in my memory banks.This is a space ship of an album for me because it takes me out there whenever I climb aboard!

This September has been great, in fact 2013 is just getting better and better. Bill Rieflin came to stay. We took him to his first British Fete where we threw wet sponges at our best friend and had cream tea . . . as only the Brits can do. We met up with Peter Buck in London and over an excellent meal on St.Martin’s Lane came to the conclusion that the HUMANS, Peter Buck, Bill, Fripp should all tour together, in small US rock clubs next spring.

About two months ago I had a brainwave to do with my husband. Mr. Fripp vowed never to perform live again about four years ago. One morning whilst driving to a meeting I had an idea and I called Frippy . . . ”What would it take for you to play again live?” “I need to trust everyone around me, that photos won't be taken, that I am left alone to just play!” “Who would make that possible?” I said “I have no idea”, Frippy replied. “BILL. Make Bill your Musical Director! No one F---s with Bill!”

Then I took Frippy with me to perform at St. Georges Park where I am training weekly and they really sorted him out. Mr. Fripp soon realised his fears and quirks are suffered by almost everyone under pressure to perform and within 24 hours he was putting the new King Crimson together. This is all very good for the HUMANS as it means in 2014 Bill will be mainly based in the UK . . . YERRRRRRRRRR . . . we will be playing! But I have to get through the rest of this year first.

I’ve just guest presented on BBC RADIO 4’s RAMBLINGS . . . which I loved! Walking is my first real pleasure, quickly followed by eating. So to be asked to walk and explore someone else’s thoughts was exhilarating whist the microphone was dangled like a carrot in front of us, our producer walking so quickly I almost had to run to keep up! Loved it!

QUADROPHENIA had a screening at the Cine Lumiere in Kensington with myself, Phil Davis, Mark Wingett, Franc Roddam and Don Boyd present. The audience were mainly French and they were experiencing the film for the first time and it went down a storm, they loved it. I loved seeing so many of the team back together again.

The organiser said often at screenings there is some sense of tension between cast and production but with us it was like witnessing a happy family reunion as we all pulled our tables together in the green room and ate before the screening. Franc Roddam told fantastic and cruel stories of being axed from major films and bullied by film execs, it made me happy to be in the safe little world of Toyahdom.  Don Boyd also produced me in The Tempest so there will hopefully be a screening of that to come as well as a film I made in 1993 called Anchoress, which is stunning and one of my best pieces of acting. Pete Postlethwaite played my husband.

In the middle of the up coming tour I have a cameo in a film, just before we play London, then later this year I have a cameo in a sci-fi. I’ve got to cram a lot in the remaining three months of 2013. 2014 is dominating a lot of my time presently. I have never known a year shape up the way next year is shaping up. It is very comforting but it is also like being told when a tidal wave will happen and you just have to wait for it and be prepared. I hope you get to see the tour. It will be fun as usual and all the TOYAH CLASSICS will be played. There’s four songs in the set that haven’t been played for 30 years!

There’s also a stunning new t-shirt & poster for sale with specially shot BRAND NEW images.






Thank you to everyone who has supported the LOVE IS THE LAW TOUR. It has been a resounding success. The overall consensus being that the set list has been the best ever.

This weekend we announce the dates so far for 2014. As you will see the TOYAH band are working all year round, more shows are going in daily and a fun lot of festivals too! The 2014 twelve month tour will consist of LOVE IS THE LAW material alongside CRIMSON QUEEN, a marriage of the two albums plus all the TOYAH hits. We are also adding some acoustic shows, which will be announced soon.

Personally I have loved this year’s tour, the songs have been fantastic to revisit. Broken Diamonds, The Vow, Be Proud Be Loud Be Heard, Love Is The Law and Dreamscape have felt fresh and inspiring to sing. Mr. Wong says he found it unsettling to start the show with Love Is The Law but I always like to go head first into a new adventure and it’s great opening a show with a song that isn’t a predictable show opener.

The audiences on this tour have been very interesting, very different. I had no idea that LITL has such a diverse audience, especially BE PROUD BE LOUD BE HEARD getting a huge reaction every time we play it. It is as if LITL has brought a new dimension into the shows through the audience. Looking out and seeing a more Goth crowd.

One of the reasons we have kept the shows spread out is I have to be able to sing a good octave higher than normal. To give THE VOW and DREAMSCAPE full vocal justice these songs need a well rested voice, so by spacing the shows I have been able to move my vocal range right back to the range I had in the 1980’s . . . unbelievably high! I even have to change my posture to hit some of those phrases . . . no slouching on this tour!

I cannot fathom why my life is so bloody busy! It is endless. After Southampton I had a day on a movie and by the Sunday I was ready to drop, having been in Barcelona and Gibraltar during the week but, no rest for the wicked, I had to write the links for a show I am recording for VINTAGE TV.

I cannot wait for that Christmas lull when everyone disappears to party and eat, at least I know I should have two quiet-ish weeks . . . that will be a first this year. In the meantime I am guesting on THE BLOCKHEADS new video, shooting two shows for Vintage TV, writing alongside Simon Darlow for ROCKCHOIR and starting CRIMSON QUEEN 2, popping over to Seattle to help plan THE HUMANS spring west coast tour and I am training for a major project . . . YIKES!

In between all this fun and kafuffle I have been on hand to look after hubby who has had two successful cataract operations. He now can see clearly for the first time in years. His sight was becoming challenging for all who know him. For example three weeks ago we sent thank you cards out to friends, one to Steven Wilson for sitting us in the family box at the Albert Hall for his concert and another card to a close friend in LA. Robert managed to put the wrong cards in the wrong envelopes, thus confusion all round. But the real challenge was Robert had become so blind he started to introduce me to complete strangers he thought he recognised in public . . . no excuses now!

We were both summoned to the vet last week. Little WillyFred, the most adored white rabbit in the world has a persistent and untreatable dental problem. Every month he has to have his teeth filed under anesthetic and this last time the vet noticed he had actually lost a back tooth. So we were told that the vet isn’t prepared to keep him going, eventually he will need to be put down. This is so distressful, WillyFred is the happiest, fattest most playful little soul, so we are spoiling him rotten knowing he is on borrowed time, he was 6 years old last week.

As I mentioned I was in Barcelona two weeks ago. My flight was due to take off from Heathrow as the super storm struck the south of England. Boy what timing! I had a window of two hours to board the P&O Oceana in the port of Barcelona before it left got Gibraltar or I would be stranded. My flight took off and hour and a half late …….. but I made it! Just!

As I arrived at the port I got a text from my friend the comedian Martin Gold, who played my brother in 2000 panto in Stockport . . . ”are you boarding the Oceana?” he asked. “Yes! How do you know?” “I’m sitting in the bar of the neighbouring ship!” It is a small world. I was on the Oceana with the HERE AND NOW BAND, doing two shows in the main theatre. I loved it! We had so much fun. But I wish the band told me that the lead guitarist is called Stellios NOT STAVROS! After a three-hour rehearsal and two shows I finally learned I had been calling him the wrong name all day! He took it well. I am an idiot! Shan was in the band, our old drummer, and he was giggling away every time I said “ Thank you Stavros that was great . . . ”

I hear from Davie Dreamscape, he who does a fantastic job of catching Toyah items I haven’t seen or even heard of on the Dreamscape website, is creating a TOYAH FANZINE, in the true tradition of informative fanzines. He has interviewed Steve Bray who drummed on Blue Meaning. Davie has also interviewed Chris Limb who ran the fan club / Tellurian. My costumes went with me for my discussion at THE V&A on 1980s style trends. It has been thrilling to be involved in this exhibition. I wish my parents had lived to see this! It was an excellent evening with Caryn Franklin and Karen Binns.

This tour has included all my favourite venues, perfect. I thank everyone who has made it happen . . . FLAG PROMOTIONS have been fab and I look forward to working with them again, the band have been stunning and the team Paul, Kate and Claire have been absolute rocks! THANK YOU!

Next Up CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!





WOW! 2013 has been one hell of a year, utterly life changing, utterly fantastic!

It has been really great finishing the tour in London, with a stunning show and a wonderful crowd at the O2 Islington. Thank you everyone. With the success of this tour behind me and the success of the spring tour of HORMONAL HOUSWIVES I feel 2013 has been a great year, but even greater because I have learned so much in the process.

Life is about living your dreams, standing strong in the belief you deserve to achieve your dreams and not giving in to obstacles no matter your age . . . LIFE IS FOR LIVING AND IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START. 2014 looks crazy already. We have some really lovely shows coming up.The TOYAH band are out in force as of February . . . and I have a TV show to do before we hit the road.

In 2014 I am touring two shows . . . TOYAH THE BAND doing CRIMSON QUEEN/GREATEST HITS and TOYAH ACOUSTIC! The band show is loud and rocking and the acoustic show will be more dancey, personal, full of stories and images as I will be using a cinema screen.

Currently I am in Seattle with my writing partner Bill Rieflin, we have some planning to do for the west coast tour of THE HUMANS in April. Having started December with a head cold, caught off my husband who in turn caught it off a member of KING CRIMSON at a rehearsal . . . really there is no excuse, a cold is a bloody inconvenience whoever gave it to you. But I don’t care because I am in one of my favourite cities in the world Seattle to celebrate an early Christmas with Bill Rieflin and his wife Frankie.

All sorts of adventures are planned. I have never been in America at Christmas so I am EXCITED! My stay won’t be too long as I have to get back for work, in fact as soon as I land back in blighty I have rehearsals for a new show . . . immediately as I step off the plane! THE HUMANS American tour dates are set, Bill and I need to just finalise a few things. It isn’t a huge tour as there will be so many of us, is in fact a circus of buddies hitting the road in April 2014. On the stage will be Wongoose, Bill, myself . . . then Robert Fripp, Peter Buck plus some others to be announced……there is one name being mentioned . . . let’s put it this way…if Bill pull’s this off . . . we will be making history . . . I’d say don’t hold your breath . . .but I’d also say . . . STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED.

We will of course be playing HUMANS 3 in its entirety. The USA is a long way to go to see us, so please do not fret as we intend to head to the UK in 2014. Already I am dealing with scripts for shoots in 2014. One is the female lead in a British film, which I have agreed to do as it puts me right out of the area people perceive me as belonging to. It is a period drama and one of the best scripts I have ever read . . . but I have promised the producer I will say no more!

The other film I have said yes to is a Sci-Fi, which will shoot in the summer. My highlights in November where playing Southampton, The Brooke . . . it was so brilliant a show my hair stood on end from beginning to end, I’d say one of the best shows of my life. Playing the O2 Islington is always a highlight. Do you know it is virtually impossible to play London these days, the venues are tough for new acts to get into but I am lucky, I have a great audience and I get the venue! We are all looking forward to the Jazz Café on the 29th March next year!

Another highlight was interviewing Gabrielle for VINTAGE TV LIVE SESSIONS. WOW what a fantastic lady. Gabrielle sang two songs live and then we talked. She was so warm and welcoming, very interesting and passionate about her work. What we had in common is we are lyricists rather than musicians so we really put our heads together and TALKED AND TALKED about that subject! And lastly the VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM TALK was a privilege to be part of. I was treated with respect and care, which kind of surprised me, but I was there being valued as someone who contributed and changed fashion in the 80s, who led the way for the likes of brilliant artists like GaGa and many more . . . thank you.

So my friends I wish you a . . .


But I will be home for Christmas with my hubby!



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