08 January 2012

TOYAH@50 - 2008


We are delighted to reveal the results of a poll to find the Top 50 Toyah songs
as voted by diehard fans and toyahwillcox.com visitors in May 2008.

The top position went to Danced - a song which featured on Toyah’s debut EP,
Sheep Farming In Barnet, in 1979. It is closely followed by a track
considered to be another Toyah anthem – Ieya, which had two separate
single releases and was available on a myriad of 7”, 12”, picture disc
and coloured vinyl releases.

Both songs are still present in Toyah’s live set and one, if not both,
usually appears when Toyah performs a full concert with her band.

Two songs from Toyah’s latest album In The Court Of The Crimson Queen
feature inside the top 30 despite being only a year old and not available
to buy in hard copy when the poll was conducted.

Digitally available music doesn’t dampen the
love for a good song it would appear.

Fans voted for their top 10 Toyah tracks and, through a process
of careful scoring, the ultimate Toyah Top 50 was created


1 Danced
2 Ieya
3 Angel & Me
4 Blue Meanings
5 Jungles of Jupiter
6 Brave New World
7 Thunder in The Mountains
8 Bird In Flight
9 The Vow
10 I Want To Be Free

11 Its A Mystery
12 Neon Womb
13 Rebel Run
14 Race Through Space
15 Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard)
16 Victims Of The Riddle
17 Don't Fall In Love (I Said)
18 Angels & Demons
19 Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You)
20 Our Movie

21 Good Morning Universe
22 I Explode
23 Heal Ourselves
24 Run Wild, Run Free
25 Dreamscape
26 I Am
27 Street Addict
28 The Packt
29 Little Tears Of Love
30 Martian Cowboy

31 Obsolete
32 Love Me
33 We Are
34 Furious Futures
35 Soul Passing Through Soul
36 Insects
37 Desire
38 Marionette
39 Laughing With The Fools
40 Street Creature

41 Echo Beach
42 Computer
43 Dawn Chorus
44 Space Between The Sounds
45 Time Is Ours
46 Castaways
47 Elusive Stranger
48 Ghosts
49 Tribal Look
50 Sphinx

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